photo by Tom Davenport

My Office

John W. "Bill" in the Tail Gunner position of a B-24 at the Coeur d'Alene Airport.

During a visit of two vintage WW2 aircraft at an area airport. Bill was allowed to sit in the tail gunner position by the co-pilot of this B-24.
"Witchcraft" the B-24 and "Nine O Nines" the B-17, are part of The Collings Foundation's "The Wings of Freedom" Tour.
Bill enjoyed his time visiting the aircraft, their crew and remembering his time in "My Office" as he calls his position in the B-24 he flew in during his service to our Country.

Contrary to an erroneous belief, Men of Bill's stature ( 6' ) fit just fine in the tail gunner position in the B-24s. What may have been standard practice and true (gunners of smaller stature) for tail gunners in the B-17s did not hold true for the tail gunners in the B-24. As you can see for yourself, Bill fits just fine in his office.

John W. "Bill" on Novermber 11, 2006 at an area Veteran's Day Salute

Murphy and Norris during one of Murphy's visits.

"The Bomber Baron"
The 13th Air Force

"The Jungle Air Force"

The 5th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

"Guard of the Upper Realm"

The 72nd Bombardment Squardron

"You Name It, We Maim It"

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