This Site in Honor of My Veteran of World War II

John W. Norris
13th Air Force
5th Bombardment Group (Heavy)
72nd Bombardment Squadron
Rank - Sergeant
Aerial Gunner 611
Marksman Carbine and Pistol

Battles and Campaigns

China Offensive, New Guinea, Southern Philippines, Luzon, Western Pacific

Decorations and Citations
These are photographs of my uniform as issued to me at the time of my discharge. They show the campaign ribbons, wings, stripes, and Far Eastern Air Force patch, on the left shoulder. On the right shoulder, is the 13th Air Force patch. When this website was being made, I discovered the members of my crew did not receive the Far Eastern Air Force patch. Eight members flew a B 24 home, and were discharged in late 1945. Murphy and I, had to remain overseas. When I arrived at Camp Stoneman, Calif. from the Philippines in Feb. 1946, I was issued my O.D. dress uniform, and then put on a train for Fort Lewis, Wa. where I was discharged. Earlier Murphy arrived at Camp Stoneman, and was immediately moved to Fort Lewis, where he was issued his dress uniform. Curiously, I received the Far Eastern Air Force patch shown here, and Murphy did not. When they started putting the F.E.A.F. patch on 13th A.A.C. uniforms is unclear to me at this time. Any other overseas 13th personnel that received the F.E.A.F. patch please email me. I would like to know more about the issuance of this patch.~J.N.

Good Conduct

American Theater
Service Medal



Established by
order of
the President
28 Jun 1941;
"For enlisted personnel
who, on or after
27 Aug 1940,
had or shall
have honorably
completed three
years of active
federal military
service, or who,
after 7 Dec 1941,
have or shall
have honorably
served one year
of federal
military service
while the
United States
is at war."
For service
in the
US Armed Forces
within the
American Theater
of Operations
from 07 Dec 1941
to 02 Mar 1946.
The campaign to
liberate the
from Japanese
occupation officially
began in
October 1944 and
continued until
the cessation of
hostilities in
September 1945.
About 60,000
Americans died
during its land
and sea battles.
For service
in the
US Armed Forces
within the
of Operations from
07 Dec 1941
to 02 Mar 1946.
Established by
on 09 Jul 1945,
awarded to members
of the
US Armed Forces
for service
07 Dec 1941 and
31 Dec 1946.

Before 1947 this branch of the service was known as the Army Air Corp. After that time it was renamed The Air Force.

I have just been informed the 13th and 7th Air Forces were merged into a single command, designated Far East Air Forces (FEAF) in a major re-organization on 15 June 1944. The 5th Air Force was also in FEAF. Under the change, each numbered Air Force retained its distinct identity. The 20th Air Force became part of FEAF after the end of the war. J W N

Far East Air Force patch
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