WWII Photographs

......John W. Norris
Gunnery School Graduation
taken at Harlington, Texas
I was at Radio School
in Scott Field, Illinois.
While there, I was in training to be a ground radio operator. When sign up for Gunnrey school became avaliable, I signed up for that because I wanted to fly.

The Bomber Baron
Samar, Philippines
Designed and Painted
by Sgt. Garvey

Sgt. John W. Norris
"After the war ended eight members of the crew were able to fly a B-24 to the States. The armorer gunner, Walter Murphy and myself had to remain over seas. I was sent to Dulog on Leyte and was made an automotive supply clerk. The picture of me in front of the tent in my painted jacket, helmet and goggles was taken there."

left to right~K. LeBeyo, E. Capello, S. Di Matteo, J. Norris,
kneeling~W. Murphy
Taken at Walla Walla OverSeas
Training Base
1944 Walla Walla, Washington

From one B-24 to another. 1945


front~ Farese, Di Matteo, Murphy
middle~Watkins, Norlan,
back~Norris, Capello, LeBeyo
In Samar 1945

Nose Art Pictures from WW2

Some pictures are from John Norris's Photo Album
others are pictures courtesy of Bill Blair
Thank you Bill
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